Master Bedroom Remodel

Empty Nest? Use the Empty Bedroom to Your Advantage

When your child moves out of your home, you suddenly have an extra room that may be unused for quite some time. The standard approach is to convert it into a guest room, or maybe a craft room, or even turn it into storage. But what if you claimed the extra space and remodeled to add it to your master bedroom? Think of the expansive luxury. It’s never too late to create your dream master bedroom. Knocking Down Walls: Combine... Read more »

Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

The master bedroom can be considered a homeowner’s sanctuary. This is the place not only for relaxing but also for escaping. People often put plenty of thought into items to add to a bedroom, but not always into remodeling ideas that could really enhance or transform the room. Here are four master bedroom remodeling ideas to make the room the best part of your home:

The Luxurious Home Addition: A Master Bedroom Balcony

Many homeowners consider the master bedroom to be a private domain where they can lock out the world for a while and relax. When it comes to making an addition to it, a walk-in closet is nice, but a balcony can really extend the personal space of your master bedroom. What a Master Bedroom Balcony Can Be Imagine waking up in the morning and having breakfast on your scenic balcony in the sunshine and fresh air. Or imagine an arbor

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