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Quality Landscaping Increases the Aesthetics & Value of Your Home

When you decide to remodel and/or change your existing landscaping features, you can start on the road to a more aesthetic and valuable home. An artist’s eye combined with skill and competence can result in a beautifully completed project that is beyond your highest expectations.

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RWT Design & Construction has years of experience in all types of landscaping projects in Beverly Hills, Burbank, Los Angeles and throughout Southern California. Whether your project is an elegant pergola or an entire new landscape including greenery, gardens, fences and decks, as your landscaping contractor we can provide you with the answers and solutions that you need when you are ready to create a graceful, elegantly landscaped home garden, front yard, back yard, pool area or other location.

Questions about Landscaping or Landscaping Contractors?

Let an expert put your mind at ease. We can help you increase your property’s value and curb appeal substantially. Skillful landscaping can change your home’s appearance from okay to simply amazing!  RWT offers free, no-obligation estimates on landscaping projects.  And we will give you a realistic and achievable goal time-wise and budget-wise when preparing your landscaping project’s estimate.

If you would like to give your home that beautiful finishing touch that makes people wish they lived there, we highly recommend getting a free estimate and upgrading your home’s landscaping now.  After all, the outside appearance of your home reflects on you. Let us help you make that reflection a great one!

Your home is important to you.  With our years of expertise and dedication to excellence we can enhance your living space and increase the value of your most important asset.

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Fences and Pergolas – Designs, Building and Repairs

A beautiful new fence can give your home added value, comfort, privacy, safety and beauty.
If you are looking for a trustworthy and experienced fence contractor in Los Angeles, Burbank or Beverly Hills to work on your fence project, contact RWT Design & Construction for a free estimate.


We have designed many fences over the years for our customers. And they have always enjoyed the finished product very much.  Full customer satisfaction is very very important to us, as you can see by reading some of our customer’s testimonials.

After all, we don’t want our customers to use us on one job! We want to be the construction and remodeling company they use for everything having to do with their home or commercial building. So every job we do is important to us, no matter how small or large.

We perform all steps of a fence project in-house; design, fabrication and installation are all done by our own skilled tradesmen. Because we have our own mill, we are able to control every aspect of your fence building and design project to a much higher degree.

We work with several different materials including rod iron for rod iron fences, and we always find excellent prices for those materials. Having been in business since 1989, our experience and expertise shows in our craftsmanship. We love what we do here at RWT and you will, too.

Why Choose RWT Design & Construction for Your Fence project?

Because we have the expert designers and skilled tradesmen to help beautify your home quickly and economically.
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RWT Design & Construction, Inc., is a fully licensed and insured contractor, certified per all requirements. Count on RWT to provide you with excellent results and reliable service.

Contact RWT Design & Construction today for your home fencing project in Southern California. Or call 818-841-8600

Include an Organic Garden in Your Landscaping

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Let’s be honest, everyone wants a beautiful back yard with a nice landscaping design that is inviting.

No one wants to see an over grown weed infested unkempt back yard or front yard. There is a way to not only make your yard look beautiful but actually start saving money with it!

The popularity of organic gardens has increased ten times or more in the last couple of years, as more homeowners embrace the advantages of planting their own organic vegetables and herbs, whether it’s to save a little money, engage in an interesting and rewarding pastime or simply for the health benefits of eating organic food every day!

Believe it or not you can enjoy a beautifully landscaped back yard that also includes healthy vegetables.  There is nothing like the taste of fresh vegetables that are only minutes old as opposed to days or weeks. When you get them off the shelf in the grocery store they have already been traveling for days and sometimes even longer before they arrive in your local produce store or supermarket. By the time you decide to buy them, they can be very close to decomposing. Plus all the pesticides and things put on the plants and in the soil are not very good for our bodies or the plants. As a result, the plants end up being much weaker versions of what they should be.

With your own vegetable garden you have more control over what you eat.  You no longer have to have food covered with pesticides or lacking in essential nutrients. The incredible health benefits and taste of your home-grown organic vegetables easily surpass the grocery store versions. The first time you enjoy a healthy vegetable straight from your own garden, you will probably never want supermarket veggies again.

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Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden Saves Money, Too

We can help you by building raised beds and composting bins from untreated wood. Our landscaping can transform your backyard into a beautiful setting that you can enjoy while you eat healthier foods and save money on groceries to boot!

An organic garden can be grown in your backyard, front yard or even on a balcony or little-used side yard. All you need is plenty of sun exposure. Some people are even putting them on their roofs! There are many designs and layout options for an organic vegetable garden. You may opt for raised beds, which we can custom build in our own mill to fit your yard, so you can better control the quality of the soil. With a little bit of thoughtful planning, vegetable gardens can be as beautiful as any flower garden, but with more health benefits than a flower garden could ever give you!

We can even set up a home garden specialist to tend to your garden daily, weekly or monthly if you prefer. Some of our customers like this because they do not have the time or the knowledge to keep their gardens nicely maintained. If you peruse some of our client testimonials, you will see that we make people’s homes, inside and out, look more beautiful than they ever imagined!

We also believe in helping our customers save energy and money in the process, as much as possible. A beautifully landscaped garden in your back yard can only add value and beauty to your home, and even help you reduce your grocery bill.

We can do all the work for you, right from the design all the way through to having a specialist keep it up, if so desired. Are you ready to take your next step to a better lifestyle with an organic home garden?

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