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Builder And Inspector Looking At New PropertyOur team of experienced contractors specializes in home inspection report consultations. We work with realtors, homeowners and buyers to step in after you have received your inspection report – whether you already own your home or in the process of buying.

Snapshot: What we do

We’ll consult with you based on the report you received and create realistic estimates about what improvements, repairs, remodeling or additions need to be done.

We take the state of your home very seriously. We will leave no stone unturned in using every bit of our industry experience to produce accurate quoting and work for you to create the best situation for buying and/or selling.

Get the Numbers the Inspection Report Doesn’t Tell You

Have you ever read a home inspection report and been left wondering what it all means to you? Every report is fairly technical and detailed, but comes with no dollar amount of what it will cost to conduct repairs and remodeling.

This is when you call us. We will come see the property and offer a consultation based on the inspection report. That includes giving you a real estimate for the work.

While we’re at it, you get a “double check” to be sure the inspectors didn’t miss any issues like  code violations, damage, deterioration, or other issues that could range from cracked foundations to pests in the attic.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

No Charge for Homeowners

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are the homeowner, our inspection consultation involves no charge.

If the home is in escrow, whether you are a buyer or a seller, we charge our fee.

What Are the Advantages of Having RWT Consult on My Inspection Report?

  • First, if you plan to remodel the home you are trying to purchase, you’re getting a quote on that. Save yourself the extra step.
  • Benefit from RWT’s expert knowledge of home remodeling in SoCal. We can advise you of options based on your budget. Great for planning the entire process from sale to remodeling.
  • If you’re going to put an offer on a home, you can use our estimate to negotiate a better price with the seller.
  • If the cost of repairs is too much to make the purchase worthwhile, you’ll learn that early in the process and can walk away.
  • If you received an inspection for an insurance claim, RWT can work alongside you and advise as you deal with the insurers.

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We come to you when you need us. We promise to be reliable, comprehensive and very cost competitive.

Furthermore, we’re your one-stop shop to carry out the necessary work.

Realtors should want to work with RWT, too! Our professionalism will leave a great lasting impression on those realtors and their clients.

Contact us to discuss our process for inspections. We are very happy to go over it with you and explain it.

RWT’s experience and dedication is unmatched in Los Angeles County. Call us today.

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