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Custom FurnitureRWT Design & Construction creates high quality custom furniture. We can make virtually anything out of wood at our own mill, and our craftsmanship is top of the line.  Our intention is to make things that last a lifetime. So we put that into our work, no matter how small or large the project is.

Our goal is complete customer satisfaction. We are proud of our large return-customer rate. It lets us know that quality matters to the clientele we serve. We may not be the cheapest out there but our quality work lasts a lifetime!

Honestly, which is more important – something that was created to last, or something done on the cheap? Fortunately, enough people agree with us that quality should always come first, because we won’t make something that isn’t high quality. We make custom furniture and remodel homes the right way the first time, and we are often called upon to fix the mess after someone tried to take the cheaper route first.

We strongly recommend that you use the services of an experienced, qualified and insured contractor. In the end, it can save you time and money and prevent needless frustration and anxiety. Our customers know that we will deliver what we promise.

Give us a call at 818.841.8600 or email us here and let us know what custom furniture you would like to have in your home, whether a table and chairs, rockers, desks, cupboards, an armoire – whatever!  If you can think of it, we can build it.

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