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RWT Design & Construction is a full-service custom door manufacturer. With an in-house mill, we are able to design, fabricate and install custom doors and windows that are unique to your home. We also offer restoration services for homes and buildings with existing custom doors. It is amazing how much a new or restored door can add to the beauty and value of your home. The entire process is fairly quick and can be quite affordable depending on the type of doors you want.


Above is a beautiful custom door that we stripped down and restored to its original condition. Now you can actually see the beautiful hand crafted designs on this one of a kind door that weren’t visible before the restoration.

A custom door can enhance the overall design of your home. With the help of our expert designers and highly qualified craftsmen you can make your dream a reality. We perform all of our custom wood work in our own on-site mill. This means we can offer homeowners a greater level of control and predictability throughout the whole process.

Custom Doors – Restored Doors

When you are dealing with custom work, it is very important that your ideas and your desires are expressed exactly as you imagined them. Our craftsmen are very good at duplicating exactly what our customers want and always strive to exceed customer’s hopes and expectations.

Building, remodeling and custom wood work are more than just technical crafts; they also require an artist’s eye and touch when you are as passionate about them as we are. When you compare the doors directly above, you can see the care and attention to detail with which this door restoration project was performed. At RWT, we are very proud of the quality custom doors and windows we have created or restored for our customers over the years.

RWT Design & Construction has been in business since 1989. We will lend our years of experience and expertise in custom work to your project to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your custom door, or any remodeling work we perform.

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