Custom Closets Optimized for Your Home

customized closetsRWT Design & Construction has made many custom closets to optimize the space our customers use to store their clothes. This custom walk-in closet was made with a rotating rack for shirts so our customers could make the best use of the small space available.

Lets face it, you need that special space where you can see all your clothes and keep them well organized. Otherwise, you may even forget you have some of them if they are all tucked away in drawers where you can’t see them easily. Who wants to go digging through clothes to find that shirt you almost forgot about and haven’t seen in years?

Our Attractive, Organized Closets

With rotating racks built right in, your job of finding what to wear each day will get that much easier!

As we have mentioned in other pages on our website, we have our own custom wood mill. We can customize your closet with shelves, drawers or rotating racks. Whatever it is you want to make it clean, efficient and organized, we can delver! And, we will make it much more attractive!

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