Staircase Project

Here is a Before and After Project of a staircase that was remodeled to fit a custom wine cellar underneath it

Before pictureThe picture to the left is a before picture.
Note: You are able to see through the staircase steps.

We drew up a design, which our customers loved, and started the project.

See below for the progression of this project:

In Progress

First we had to build and install a roof for the space below the staircase.

We insulated the cellar and installed a cooling system to keep the wine at a certain temperature at all times.

The next step was to make the frame and install the glass walls as well as the glass door.

In Progress

The glass walls and door were used to make this space a unique aesthetic feature of the home as it functions like a piece of art. The glass lets people see the beautiful design of the custom wine racks.

Next, we hand-crafted the racks for the wine and installed them. Additionally, we added some recessed lighting to make it look more like a show piece instead of just a useful place to have a wine cellar.

Staircase Project Completed

A very unique feature of this staircase is the mirror-like effect that can be seen in the picture below on the left:

Work done

We wanted to maintain the original look of the staircase risers in the sense that people feel as though they are looking though the staircase steps.

To address this issue, we installed polished stainless steel in between each step to cover the roof but also make it look like you are looking through the staircase. Although, in reality one is looking at a reflection of what is directly behind them. This feature worked extremely well in this space due to the natural light coming in.

This is a very creative way to utilize the space under a staircase. Why let it go to waste?

A wine cellar is just one of many interesting ways you can convert an unused space into something that is useful and also very aesthetic.

Feel free to call us today at 818 841 8600 or click here for a free, no-obligation estimate. We would be more than happy to help you with any ideas you have for your own unique wine cellar.

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