Before & After Leak Repair

This 2nd floor balcony deck is not only beautiful, it is also going on 4+ years of being leak free!

Before picture:

The owner of this house hired RWT Design & Construction after he had already hired several other companies. The other companies, however, were not able to repair the deck leaks as they kept re-appearing not long after being “repaired”.

Before pic RESIZED

After Picture:

We rebuilt the 2nd floor balcony deck and replaced it with an iron rod railing. This opened up the space and created an unobstructed view for the homeowner. Now he can look out towards the balcony from inside his house and not just see a wall. He can enjoy the view and take advantage of the additional natural light that the new iron rod railing brings in.

After pic RESIZED

By rebuilding the deck we also managed to stop the leaking. This balcony deck design ensures water does not stay trapped on its surface by allowing it to be released through the gaps in the balcony railing. Now the deck has been leak free for 4+ years!!

If you need leak repair or remodeling services, please email us here or call us at 818-841-8600.

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