Before & After Concrete Pathway Repair

Before Pictures:

before picture of concrete pathway

photo 1 resized photo 2 resized

This homeowner was having issues with water getting underneath his house and causing damage to its structure. His gutter system was not equipped to handle the immense amount of water that appears during heavy rain. The home’s exterior pathway also needed replacing as it was made of rock and concrete that had been damaged over time.

RWT removed the damaged concrete and rock, re-grated the pathway so that the concrete was below the wood siding. The water now runs to the center of the concrete swale and then into the backyard, not underneath the home! We also added two missing down spouts to the gutter system to prevent the gutters from over flowing in heavy rain.

After Pictures:

after picture of concrete pathway

DSC_0003 resized-thumb DSC_0004 resized-thumb

Now the homeowner no longer has to worry about water getting underneath the house and causing damage!

If you need your walkway or pathway repaired or are in need of water damage and/or home remodeling services, please email us here or call us at 818-841-8600.

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