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All-in-One: Home Solar Inspection, Installation, Repair and Maintenance

Getting a home solar inspection done doesn’t need to be difficult or complicated. In fact, you can have everything taken care of easily and efficiently by a home remodeling company. That is experienced in home solar inspection, servicing, installation and repair. Professional Home Solar Inspection Whether you’re buying a home that has a solar electrical system or selling one… whether you’re thinking of installing solar panels or

The Importance of a Solar Electrical Inspection for New Home Buyers

Thinking of buying a solar powered home? There are so many advantages to having one, especially the savings on your utility bills and the reduction of your carbon footprint. But how do you get a solar electrical inspection? What does it involve? How do you know the solar panels are working efficiently? Are they well positioned on the roof?Was the system installed properly? Is the roof in good condition and able to continue supporting the solar panels for years to... Read more »

Save Money and Energy: Arrange a Solar Consultation

California is the leading state in the US for solar power. With its wonderful climate and many sunny days, why not harness a clean, natural source of renewable energy? Old fashioned methods of generating energy are polluting our atmosphere with carbon emissions, which contribute to global warming. Whether you want to save on your energy bill or join the green revolution to improve our environment, it makes sense to install solar panels to generate electricity from the sun, our planet’s... Read more »

Solar Power: Why Green Home Renovation Pays Off

Going green comes in many forms, and the latest challenge for homeowners is to adapt this important trend to their way of living in the home. But what about the house itself? Consider going beyond the typical small scale solutions to both lower your utility bill and overall energy consumption: consult with a specialist in solar power systems for your home renovations. Even if you’re not embarking on an extensive home remodel or renovation, remember that taking the green initiative... Read more »

How to Maintain Your Solar Electric Panels

Maintenance on your electric solar system is simple but must be done routinely in order for your system to be effective. Cleaning the Solar Modules Every 3 months it is necessary to have someone clean the surface of each solar module. The first thing you will need is a supply of clean, soft cotton rags and a hose (with a pistol grip sprayer) long enough to reach your solar array. Note; make sure whoever is providing the service is good... Read more »

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