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3 Things to Consider When Planning Your SoCal Home Remodeling/ Room addition project in 2020

With the increase in house prices in SoCal and the Los Angeles area, in particular, many people are finding it better to remodel their home or add on a new room rather than to move into a new home.  Whether you’re entering into a new phase of your life; like welcoming a new baby (or your bigger baby returning), looking after elderly parents or you simply want to create the home you always dreamed of, remodeling your home to meet... Read more »

How Room Additions Can Help Adult Kids in Los Angeles’ Expensive Housing Market

The Greater Los Angeles housing marketing has not been favorable to Gen X and Gen Y in helping them be able to buy a new home or even rent! It’s becoming more of a reality that parents are housing their adult children for longer than with previous generations. Rising student debt costs and the generally high cost of living means that many are looking for other alternatives when apartment sharing is no longer the answer. Current State of the Los... Read more »

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