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Recording Studios in Los Angeles: Building Your Own vs. Renting

Ever tried renting a recording studio in and around Los Angeles? Expensive, huh? And sometimes a major hassle. Few industries have changed as much as the Music Industry has over recent years; and it has been an empowering change for every would-be singer, musician, rapper or producer. Advancement in technology has made home recording more attainable and affordable for everyone. Why not do it all from home? I’m not just talking about having some equipment. How about some designing and... Read more »

Ask the Experts – What’s Needed When Building a Home Recording Studio?

Home recording studios have taken off in Southern California. So many music professionals, recording engineers, bands, instrumentalists, singers, and even voiceover actors have decided to eliminate hours of highway traveling to other studios and have their own studio at home. That, of course, meant they had to do some home remodeling. So, let’s talk about the requirements for a little (or large) home recording studio remodel job. Choosing a Room First, you need a room. Sometimes this isn’t as easy... Read more »

Tips for Remodeling and Upgrading Your Home Recording Studio

When you first had your home recording studio designed and constructed, it probably represented everything you needed to make crisp, true, professional audio recordings. But now things have changed. The music and recording industries have evolved and your studio may not be providing everything you need. Maybe it is dated and not totally comfortable for clients. Maybe you need more room for equipment. Or maybe you need the flexibility to accommodate many varieties of vocal groups, bands, instrumentalists and recording... Read more »

Make Sound Choices for the Acoustic Treatment of Your Home Recording Studio

In recording studios, not all acoustic padding, panels, absorbers and diffusers are equal. There is so much more to an acoustic treatment than just padding the walls with foam. To produce a true and accurate sound in your home studio, follow some advice about the acoustic treatment that should be applied during the design and construction phase. What is Acoustic Treatment? Soundproofing your home recording studio is not the same as an acoustic treatment. Soundproofing minimizes the amount of sound... Read more »

Home Remodeling: How to Have Your Own Home Recording Studio

Got a spare room in your home? It can be remodeled into so much more than a guest room or a hobby/craft room. Across Southern California, home recording studios are springing up everywhere. If you’ve always enjoyed recording and audio engineering work, you know that creating a music studio involves much more than just buying the equipment. With a bunch of equipment and no real planning, a room will be messy and

Consult the Experts and Find a One-Stop Shop For Your Home Recording Studio

The home recording industry has grown tremendously over the last ten years and just keeps on growing. Artists and labels are looking for ways to reduce overheads while increasing comfort and convenience. Add to this the advancements in computer technology, especially music recording software. The conditions have become ideal for people to create professional home recording studios. The best part is… you can consult with a contractor to

Remodel and Also Have a Turnkey Recording Studio

Los Angeles and the Southern California region is a thriving hub for recording artists and musicians from all over the world.Having a recording studio in the home is a must for the singer/musician.No wonder some of the top remodeling companies in this area also deal in the design and construction of recording studios.And with today’s busy lifestyles, getting experts to both remodel the home and install a turnkey studio (one with everything set up ready to go, even equipment) saves... Read more »

Recording Studio Design: Customize for Your Musical Needs

In the Burbank area, home remodeling often includes renovating to create your very own recording studio. No matter how novice or professional your current music-making level (and how lofty your aspirations!), this is definitely a purpose-built space that can be customized to suit your precise needs. For most people, one of the most attractive and enjoyable parts of the home remodeling process is brainstorming about both the overall design and specific details to make the space completely their own. A... Read more »

Things You Should Know About Electrical And Lighting For Your Recording Studio

Electrical To assure you have clean power to your recording equipment you need to run dedicated circuits with isolated grounds. Recording gear today for the most part is computer based and having a clean power source will improve the quality of your recording. You will also need a clean power source for any instruments that may be plugged into your recording studio system.

Recording Studio Floor Treatments

Carpeting with extra thick padding is a traditional recording studio standard. The idea being “the squishier the better”. What this does is it absorbs the sound waves before they hit your sub floor surface, whether it be concrete slab or a raised foundation. With today’s newer materials, we are moving more towards eco-friendly, recycled products that are made specifically for floor sound proofing treatments.

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