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Ask the Experts: I Might Sell Soon – Is it a Good Time to Remodel?

Owning a home is a wonderful thing. Selling it, however, can be stressful. Should you remodel to sell your home? Remodeling can either net you a decent return or it can mean cash out of your pocket. This is your home and you want to get the most out of the sale, so the idea of remodeling is about earning a larger return. But is it a good time? Is it worth the cost? What Are the Comps? Before you... Read more »

Copper is the ‘It’ Metal for Home Restoration in 2015

Move over granite, stainless steel, tiles, aluminum, and brushed nickel. 2015’s ‘it’ material for home restoration is copper! Copper is amazing for so many things in home remodeling and restoration. Use it to make your home look awesome and increase its value at the same time. Remember: copper is 100% recyclable! Durable, Low Maintenance Copper First, copper is so durable. It’s great for areas that are exposed to the elements, like gutters, flashing and downspouts. They look incredible, won’t sag... Read more »

Five Ideas to Remodel Your SoCal Home to Conserve Water

We know all about the drought and water shortages that have plagued California for a long time. It is abundantly clear that we need to make some adjustments so we use less water without necessarily impacting our glorious lifestyle. Here are some ideas for SoCal homeowners to remodel to save water.

Father’s Day Home Remodeling Ideas

With Father’s Day on the horizon, sons and daughters across the country are getting creative with ideas for what to give their Dads. A different and mega-cool idea is a home remodeling gift. Provide Dad with a purpose-built space just for him. If you need inspiration, here are a few Father’s Day home remodeling ideas that will last a whole lot longer than a new outfit and provide your family with great spaces for making lasting memories. The Ultimate Man... Read more »

Remodel Your Los Angeles Home and Bring the Outdoors In

Southern California is well known and envied for gorgeous year-round sunshine, ocean views, rugged hillsides and palm trees. So why not remodel your home to bring the outdoors in? The most sought-after Los Angeles homes are open, airy and have that feel of being one with the landscape and vistas outside. There is much that homeowners can do with nature-inspired design and décor. Let’s look at four remodeling ideas to bring the outdoors in. Install and Expand Windows The most... Read more »

Home Remodeling Ideas for Multi-generational Living

In this ever-changing economy, keeping the family together under one roof is a practical, mutually beneficial and adaptable solution. Many kids are leaving home at a later age as it takes them time to build up a deposit for their own home. Meanwhile, aging parents and grandparents prefer the comfort of home and family, combined with some level of independence, instead of care facilities. There are many advantages to extended families living under one roof but some homes need a... Read more »

5 Home Remodeling “Better Late Than Never” Resolutions for 2015

Have you already abandoned your New Year’s resolution about the gym or your eating habits? Then it’s never too late to make a new one that you can turn into reality. Invest in that long-overdue home remodeling. Don’t let the following 5 home remodeling ideas go unfulfilled like other New Year’s resolutions. Use each one to improve your home’s functionality, aesthetics and long-term value. 1. Improve Your Curb Appeal New and updated landscaping improves your home’s curb appeal and adds... Read more »

Summer Home Remodeling: Keep Your House Cool this Summer

Not all homes are equal when it comes to withstanding the summer heat and providing a comfortable atmosphere. Electricity bills can skyrocket during this time of the year because turning on the air conditioning becomes the “crutch” for beating the heat. But there are a few remodeling ideas that can suit your home all year round as well as make the heat a little more bearable during summer. Take a look at some of them:

No Need to Sell! Consider a Home Remodel for Wheelchair Access

Not many homes out there were designed with the needs of people with impaired mobility in mind. If you or a family member becomes confined to a wheelchair through illness or injury – or even aging, getting around your home could become very difficult. As the population ages, the need for easier access will only increase. Some simple home remodeling can provide either wheelchair access or just a more “mobility friendly” place. It may also increase the desirability and value... Read more »

Feeling Closed In? Make a Small Room Bigger

Have you ever been in a room where you felt so confined that you wanted to physically push the walls outwards to give you more space? Sometimes it’s not possible to change the size of a room. But some smart and efficient remodeling can change your perception of the room to make it feel more spacious than it is. Here are a few tips about how you can make a small room look bigger: Paint with Light Colors Walls with... Read more »

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