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Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Home Child Friendly

With kids in your near future you’re going to change things to make your home child friendly. Remodeling and redesigning needs to be practical for safety, while simultaneously offering kids the freedom to be themselves. After you’ve got down on your hands and knees to see what your home looks like from a child’s perspective, call trusted SoCal design and remodeling professionals. You might be amazed how many remodeling ideas to enhance child friendliness are simple and take little time.... Read more »

Easy Remodeling to Give Your SoCal Home Some Hollywood Celebrity Style

Who doesn’t want to live like their favorite celebs? They seem to have the best of everything and the terms ‘off the rack’ or ‘out of the catalogue’ don’t ever seem to apply to them. Some have grand homes while others appear to live simply. What they all have in common is that they add special touches to their homes For your home, remodeling like a Hollywood celebrity home doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need a mansion,... Read more »

Top Ways to Give Your Home a High Tech Makeover

Let’s immediately put a myth to rest: high tech homes are not just for the wealthy. An efficient and automated home is far more affordable and achievable than ever before. Isn’t it time to spoil yourself with a high tech home remodel? Especially when upgrades can save you money while making life so much more convenient. For Starters… Integration Smartphones, tablets, and touch panels that are either handheld or built in can be used to operate so many things: lighting,... Read more »

L.A. Home Improvement Rebates Through LADWP and SoCalGas

Do you own a home in Southern California? Are you aware of the excellent rebates out there for making your home more efficient with its energy and water consumption? Because these rebates spell savings for any homeowner thinking of doing some remodeling. The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) and SoCalGas can make your remodeling costs lower. Check out some of the home improvement rebates in Los Angeles and across SoCal. ENERGY STAR Windows and Cool Roof Rebates... Read more »

Home Remodeling Ideas for Multi-generational Living

In this ever-changing economy, keeping the family together under one roof is a practical, mutually beneficial and adaptable solution. Many kids are leaving home at a later age as it takes them time to build up a deposit for their own home. Meanwhile, aging parents and grandparents prefer the comfort of home and family, combined with some level of independence, instead of care facilities. There are many advantages to extended families living under one roof but some homes need a... Read more »

The Many Benefits of Building a Guest House

Homeowners in Southern California are always looking for ways to increase the value of their property. And one of the best options is to build a guest house. Not only can it accommodate guests or tenants, your new guest house will bring so many benefits because it can be such a multifunctional space. A Residence for Visiting Friends and Family A guest house can bring lasting benefits to a family dynamic. Sometimes the modern home is too cramped to host... Read more »

Important Guest House Design Ideas for Your Southern California Home

The modern guest house is becoming integral to Southern California’s lifestyle. A beautiful and creative guest space will swiftly enhance the value of a property and provide owners with a separate area for a wide range of uses. But it isn’t just a matter of building what is often called in the construction and remodeling industry, a second dwelling unit. Guest house design is critical, as is knowing the by-laws in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. A professional design... Read more »

L.A. City Allows Guest House Construction – Add Value to Your Home!

Until recently, Los Angeles homeowners were often unable to build a guesthouse on their property due to zoning regulations. A modification in the zoning law within Los Angeles means that new guest house construction work can now be completed on R-1 (residential) lots but with certain limitations. While homeowners must still contact licensed professionals to secure building permits and work within the limitations set for guest houses, the zoning changes allow them to move forward with their plans. Let’s review... Read more »

The Luxurious Home Addition: A Master Bedroom Balcony

Many homeowners consider the master bedroom to be a private domain where they can lock out the world for a while and relax. When it comes to making an addition to it, a walk-in closet is nice, but a balcony can really extend the personal space of your master bedroom. What a Master Bedroom Balcony Can Be Imagine waking up in the morning and having breakfast on your scenic balcony in the sunshine and fresh air. Or imagine an arbor

Running Out of Room Means Home Additions on a Whole New Level

When you need more space in your home, the obvious solution is to add more rooms. With limited lot space, however, you can’t always expand outward. Don’t give up: you may have the handy option of taking things to a whole new level through a second story home addition.If the overall size or general layout of your property doesn’t allow for ground floor expansion (don’t give up the pool!), you can still have an excellent home addition that will double... Read more »

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