Finding the Right General Contractor in Los Angeles for Your Project

Trustworthiness is everything when looking for a general contractor to remodel your home. No doubt you’ve read some generic blogs that follow the same formula about how to find a contractor. This one is different because it focuses on trust and verifying that trust. Finding a trustworthy contractor in Los Angeles is possible if you do your homework. Verify the License A trustworthy contractor in Los Angeles will have a current license. That license proves they have met and maintained... Read more »

Five Tax Tips for New SoCal Homeowners Straight… from Construction Experts

Buying a home is the largest investment some people will ever make. There are definite advantages over renting a home, along with some different costs and taxes. Any homeowner, especially a new one, should take advantage of all the tax credits and breaks that are available. As a long established home construction and remodeling company based out of Burbank in Los Angeles County, we are in a great position to provide some homeowner tax tips for California. Here are five... Read more »

Choosing a General Contractor – Local Business or National Franchise?

It’s easy to be impressed with the flashy advertising that big companies use. National exposure with the support of the biggest advertising firms sure can give them an advantage over a local family business. However, this doesn’t automatically make a national contracting franchise the best choice to handle your SoCal home remodeling. When it comes to choosing a general contractor, you need to know that the company will serve you and your community best. Big companies may have the monopoly on... Read more »

Seven Things You Must Know Before Hiring a SoCal Home Contractor

Hiring a contractor in SoCal does not have to be a headache. TV shows and news media might tell horror stories about scammers who cut corners and leave jobs unfinished, but you can easily have a contractor that you can trust to deliver on promises for an honest price. You just need to know a few tips for hiring contractors in Southern California. 1. Do Your Research The Internet makes it easy to research SoCal contractors before you hire. Websites... Read more »

How to Choose the Right Home Remodeling Company in Burbank

Over 100,000 families call Burbank home, partly because it is one of the safest areas in California. As the economy has rebounded from the 2008 crisis, and as the community thrives, more people are remodeling their homes. Finding a professional home remodeling company needn’t be a difficult or stressful task. Use some simple tips to hire the right remodeling contractor in Burbank that will finish your job on budget and on time. Hire Based on Reputation It can be tempting... Read more »

New Home Buyers: Get a Home Inspection Repair Estimate Before You Buy!

Why Do You Need a Home Inspection? Buying a home is one of the most important decisions you can make during your lifetime. Then, having picked out the home of your dreams, you need to be certain its construction is sound. The best investment you can make is to call for a home inspection before finalizing the deal. For a small cost, you will receive a detailed report of any defects in the home. This report could save you tens... Read more »

Don’t Be Misled by Misconceptions About Home Remodeling

There are many stereotypes and misconceptions about home remodeling and indeed about contractors. Before you embark on your remodeling project, do your homework and get the facts. Isn’t Home Remodeling Always a Nightmare? We’ve all heard the horror stories from friends about long remodeling projects that caused major inconvenience. It seems to be a common belief that this happens every time. Yes, there is some

How to Successfully Work with a Contractor During Home Renovation

Home is without a doubt one of the most important places in life for every human being. This is why matters of home renovation should never be taken lightly. It is always a good idea to choose a contractor who will do the job in a manner that will either meet or exceed your expectations. There are a few things you may have to do in order to ensure both you and the contractor get what you want. Here are... Read more »

Burbank Design-Build Team

What is Design-Build? Design-build is a method of project delivery in which one group – the design-build team – works under a single contract with the project owner to provide design and construction services.One entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from the first concept through completion, Design-build is also know as design/construct and single-source responsibility. Design-build is an alternative to Design-BID-build. Under the latter approach. design and construction are split – separate entities, separate contracts, separate work and... Read more »

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