Honoring Spanish History and Authentic Design with a Home Remodel

Whether it’s the roof tiles, arches, or stucco walls, there is no question that Spanish home design makes a statement. It is firmly rooted in the Mediterranean with its bold colors and distinct architectural elements. Remodeling your home with a Spanish design looks great and works well in SoCal, especially if you honor the history of that design by using authentic techniques. The Tile Roof The simplest Spanish design and remodel starts at the top: the roof. Drive by a... Read more »

Father’s Day Home Remodeling Ideas

With Father’s Day on the horizon, sons and daughters across the country are getting creative with ideas for what to give their Dads. A different and mega-cool idea is a home remodeling gift. Provide Dad with a purpose-built space just for him. If you need inspiration, here are a few Father’s Day home remodeling ideas that will last a whole lot longer than a new outfit and provide your family with great spaces for making lasting memories. The Ultimate Man... Read more »

Five Signs That It’s Time to Remodel Your Staircase

Stairs. We take them for granted every day. And when we do that, eventually they will wear out and need repairing, remodeling or replacing.While a staircase is rarely the first element most people think of for renovation plans, it is vital to your safety as well as your home’s style and functionality. Let’s look at five clear signs it’s time to remodel a staircase before it’s too late. Creaking and Rattling Loud creaks might be a common occurrence within older... Read more »

Seven Design Tips for Small Kitchens

When it comes to small kitchen design ideas, the smaller the area, the more creative you need to be in the planning and layout. This design challenge should focus mostly on three major areas:- Storage Lighting Counter space Smart small kitchen design ideas can accommodate everything you want while

Seven Things You Must Know Before Hiring a SoCal Home Contractor

Hiring a contractor in SoCal does not have to be a headache. TV shows and news media might tell horror stories about scammers who cut corners and leave jobs unfinished, but you can easily have a contractor that you can trust to deliver on promises for an honest price. You just need to know a few tips for hiring contractors in Southern California. 1. Do Your Research The Internet makes it easy to research SoCal contractors before you hire. Websites... Read more »

Costs to Consider When Remodeling a SoCal Home’s Deck or Patio

When it comes to remodeling a SoCal home, there’s no secret why decks or patios can be a priority. Because of our SoCal weather, we use them so frequently for enjoying life; which means they also can wear out because of exposure to that weather. Enhancing your home’s deck or patio will add curb appeal and value to your home. Therefore, it’s good to know what kind of

Remodel Your Los Angeles Home and Bring the Outdoors In

Southern California is well known and envied for gorgeous year-round sunshine, ocean views, rugged hillsides and palm trees. So why not remodel your home to bring the outdoors in? The most sought-after Los Angeles homes are open, airy and have that feel of being one with the landscape and vistas outside. There is much that homeowners can do with nature-inspired design and décor. Let’s look at four remodeling ideas to bring the outdoors in. Install and Expand Windows The most... Read more »

Home Remodeling Ideas for Multi-generational Living

In this ever-changing economy, keeping the family together under one roof is a practical, mutually beneficial and adaptable solution. Many kids are leaving home at a later age as it takes them time to build up a deposit for their own home. Meanwhile, aging parents and grandparents prefer the comfort of home and family, combined with some level of independence, instead of care facilities. There are many advantages to extended families living under one roof but some homes need a... Read more »

6 Tips to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the first thing that attracts homebuyers. First impressions are everything, especially when people usually remember the bad ones more than the good. But where do you start when it comes to revitalizing your home’s exterior? These effective curb appeal tips will help your home stand out and increase its value. Tip #1: Custom Wood Doors A custom front door has a big effect on your home’s curb appeal. Whether brand new with artistic touches or restored with... Read more »

5 Home Remodeling “Better Late Than Never” Resolutions for 2015

Have you already abandoned your New Year’s resolution about the gym or your eating habits? Then it’s never too late to make a new one that you can turn into reality. Invest in that long-overdue home remodeling. Don’t let the following 5 home remodeling ideas go unfulfilled like other New Year’s resolutions. Use each one to improve your home’s functionality, aesthetics and long-term value. 1. Improve Your Curb Appeal New and updated landscaping improves your home’s curb appeal and adds... Read more »

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