Finding the Right General Contractor in Los Angeles for Your Project

Trustworthiness is everything when looking for a general contractor to remodel your home. No doubt you’ve read some generic blogs that follow the same formula about how to find a contractor. This one is different because it focuses on trust and verifying that trust. Finding a trustworthy contractor in Los Angeles is possible if you do your homework. Verify the License A trustworthy contractor in Los Angeles will have a current license. That license proves they have met and maintained... Read more »

The Best Ways to Fireproof Your SoCal home

Living in Southern California is pretty heavenly. We have sun, sand, surf, little rain, enviable lifestyle, and much more. But we do get fires. Nasty ones. Deadly ones. We’ve all seen news footage of homes in and around Los Angeles completely razed to the ground and we hope that we won’t be victims one day. Or we get complacent thinking it couldn’t happen to us. Well, it can. It doesn’t have to be a wildfire. Even a domestic fire near... Read more »

International Destinations to Inspire Your SoCal Living Room Remodel

Southern California is renowned for Spanish influence on house designs, but also for incorporating eclectic international tastes with modern innovations. Even if our homes’ exteriors display similar Spanish inspirations, there’s really very few cookie cutters to be seen. When it comes to interiors, we really love to be unique and express our individualism. We’ll incorporate design elements, materials and comforts from all cultures on the planet. With that in mind, if you’re planning to remodel your SoCal living room, win... Read more »

Seven Easy Ways to Make Your Home Child Friendly

With kids in your near future you’re going to change things to make your home child friendly. Remodeling and redesigning needs to be practical for safety, while simultaneously offering kids the freedom to be themselves. After you’ve got down on your hands and knees to see what your home looks like from a child’s perspective, call trusted SoCal design and remodeling professionals. You might be amazed how many remodeling ideas to enhance child friendliness are simple and take little time.... Read more »

Five Tax Tips for New SoCal Homeowners Straight… from Construction Experts

Buying a home is the largest investment some people will ever make. There are definite advantages over renting a home, along with some different costs and taxes. Any homeowner, especially a new one, should take advantage of all the tax credits and breaks that are available. As a long established home construction and remodeling company based out of Burbank in Los Angeles County, we are in a great position to provide some homeowner tax tips for California. Here are five... Read more »

Choosing a General Contractor – Local Business or National Franchise?

It’s easy to be impressed with the flashy advertising that big companies use. National exposure with the support of the biggest advertising firms sure can give them an advantage over a local family business. However, this doesn’t automatically make a national contracting franchise the best choice to handle your SoCal home remodeling. When it comes to choosing a general contractor, you need to know that the company will serve you and your community best. Big companies may have the monopoly on... Read more »

Reading This Could Save You Thousands on Remodeling Your SoCal Home

Beware of Unlicensed Contractors! Owning a home means taking pride in it, especially here in Southern California with our amazing weather and lifestyle. Just saying that you own a home in Burbank or Pasadena or Glendale is something to envy. Because you take pride in your home, you may want to remodel to spruce it up and keep it looking its best. When you do, examine the credentials of your contractor. Unlicensed contractors in Southern California are everywhere and they... Read more »

Recording Studios in Los Angeles: Building Your Own vs. Renting

Ever tried renting a recording studio in and around Los Angeles? Expensive, huh? And sometimes a major hassle. Few industries have changed as much as the Music Industry has over recent years; and it has been an empowering change for every would-be singer, musician, rapper or producer. Advancement in technology has made home recording more attainable and affordable for everyone. Why not do it all from home? I’m not just talking about having some equipment. How about some designing and... Read more »

Easy Remodeling to Give Your SoCal Home Some Hollywood Celebrity Style

Who doesn’t want to live like their favorite celebs? They seem to have the best of everything and the terms ‘off the rack’ or ‘out of the catalogue’ don’t ever seem to apply to them. Some have grand homes while others appear to live simply. What they all have in common is that they add special touches to their homes For your home, remodeling like a Hollywood celebrity home doesn’t have to break the bank. You don’t need a mansion,... Read more »

Top Ways to Give Your Home a High Tech Makeover

Let’s immediately put a myth to rest: high tech homes are not just for the wealthy. An efficient and automated home is far more affordable and achievable than ever before. Isn’t it time to spoil yourself with a high tech home remodel? Especially when upgrades can save you money while making life so much more convenient. For Starters… Integration Smartphones, tablets, and touch panels that are either handheld or built in can be used to operate so many things: lighting,... Read more »

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