Rainy Season in SoCal: How to Prevent and Treat Wood Rot in your Home

The rainy season in Los Angeles is now upon us! In recent years we’ve experienced extreme effects of the rainy season like flash floods that can bring about mudslides. Unfortunately, we can’t control the effects of mother nature but there are some things that we can do to prevent and treat issues like wood rot caused by water damage.  What Is Wood Rot? Wood rot is a type of fungal decay in wood. The damp wood allows the spores to... Read more »

What is the Next Step after a Home Inspection Report for Home Buyers in Los Angeles

Buying a home can be a truly daunting task, especially in a buoyant place like Los Angeles. It is known for a fact that prices in Los Angeles are sky-high and are still rising. This fact can be an overwhelming idea for home buyers and realtors who have properties that are up for selling. Realtors blame the high cost of home buying in Los Angeles to a variety of factors like the area’s persistent desirability among buyers as well as... Read more »

7 Inspiring Los Angeles Home Remodel Kitchen Trends

Your lifestyle and personality are reflected in how you manage your home. Are you looking for functionality over aesthetics or vice versa? Knowing that our kitchen is the heart of our daily life, we want it to be as perfect for our needs as possible. Do you ever feel like you want to maximize your space, add a twist to your kitchen, or have a major revamp?  Get inspired with these 7 trendy styles to help enhance or remodel your... Read more »

Are You Hiring Experienced SoCal Contractors?

6 reasons why you should be hiring experienced home remodeling contractors in SoCal. Why Hiring Experienced Contractors is a Must  Whether you need home repairs, home additions, or an upgrade of any room design and functionality, hiring an experienced contractor in Los Angeles is a necessity. Home remodeling can be overwhelming for homeowners but fulfilling once done by professionals. Your house is your haven, and a below-par construction job is a nightmare that can be avoided right from the start.  Be... Read more »

How Room Additions Can Help Adult Kids in Los Angeles’ Expensive Housing Market

The Greater Los Angeles housing marketing has not been favorable to Gen X and Gen Y in helping them be able to buy a new home or even rent! It’s becoming more of a reality that parents are housing their adult children for longer than with previous generations. Rising student debt costs and the generally high cost of living means that many are looking for other alternatives when apartment sharing is no longer the answer. Current State of the Los... Read more »

L.A Home Remodeling Trends For 2019

Home remodeling trends in Los Angeles and nation wide are always changing, and repeating. Achieve success in making your house a statement whether you intend to sell it this year or just update its style by infusing 2019’s home remodeling trends and your personal taste. Here are the top L.A home remodeling trends for 2019. Kitchen Remodeling Trends We tend to spend a lot of time in our kitchens that’s why it is important to keep it stylish and functional... Read more »

Water Damage Restoration & Prevention is Vital to Prevent Mold and Further Damage

Ignoring the signs of water damage can cause worse than just physical and visible damage to your SoCal home. If mismanaged or not dealt with immediately, water damage can cause health hazards that could endanger you or your family. How can you be exposed to molds? Molds are everywhere and exposure to some mold on an everyday basis might not impose health hazards right away but the long exposure to it. Molds grow best in warm, damp and humid conditions... Read more »

4 Essential Tips to Choosing Your Los Angeles Based Home Remodeling Contractor

choosing los angeles remodeling contractor

Choosing the right general contractor for your next home remodeling project can be a daunting experience. Whilst there is no way of being 100% sure you’ll get the perfect contractor to make your remodeling dreams come to life, there are some things to look out for and consider before you sign your contract. Check out Past work / Portfolio Almost every reputable home remodeling company will have a website or a profile on Houzz or Yelp that displays their past... Read more »

Our Work : Decking Water Damage Repair – Burbank and Los Angeles – SoCal

Water damage remediation isn’t something that we tend to think about in advance, only when we’re in the middle of an emergency or monitoring a part of our home that has been getting progressively worse. At RWT Design and Construction we have been working with families for over 30 years to not only make their dream a reality when it comes to home remodeling but also waterproofing and repairing water damage inside and outside of homes and commercial buildings in... Read more »

5 Ways to Use Pantone’s 2018 Color of the Year in Your Home

We’re almost three months in 2018, but it’s never too late to give your home a makeover! Over the years, the Pantone Color of the Year has become a benchmark for color trends, and of course, this includes trends in home decor. This year’s Pantone Color is Ultra Violet. According to Pantone, Ultra Violet “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us toward the future”. It’s very bold as compared to the pastel duo from 2017. Aside from these... Read more »

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