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HollywoodHollywood, California. The place to be! This is where dreams come to be born. Who doesn’t love Hollywood? There are countless things that make Hollywood great.

We are proud to serve Hollywood. We love this city! We are always happy to be working on a home or office remodel in Hollywood. With all of our experience in the construction industry, we have many customers from this area that use us for everything on their properties; because they know they can trust us to get the job done right and be extremely honest with them. We have a high rate of return customers from this area and are proud of that because it shows that people have put their faith in us to always do a good job for them. We love to show them that they put their faith in the right hands. We take care of our customers.

We have been in this industry for over 20 years and are very experienced at what we do. If you have any questions regarding your home or office remodel we would be more than happy to answer them all. At RWT, we also offer free, no obligation estimates to homeowners in Hollywood.

Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation.  Or call 818-841-8600.

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